Social Integration Center

Our goal is to move isolated or marginal people towards social
and professional integration

Management Center

We help you make the right decisions and manage your resources better.
Together leading a successful strategy !

Computer center

Tailor-made support for Cisco and Microsoft certification preparation.
A lab to put his knowledge into practice.

School support for children

Donation of computer equipment and school supplies.

Facilitate access to school and help families

Who we are ?

We work with our partners all over the globe in expanding educational opportunities for all ages, fighting hunger, delivering food assistance in emergencies and to those in most need. We partner with families, and their communities across the  world  to achieve their goals by tracing the causes of poverty.

  Created to serve  people in greatest need around the world, to relieve their suffering by  insuring that every person has a fair opportunity to great education and training, achieve food security  to break the cycle of hunger and poverty.

  empowers poor to complete education, while providing knowledge, support services and  all the tools to as many individual as possible they need to achieve their goals, lead and mentor next generation going forward. 

  program was created to meet an increased demand for IT training including Cyber Security and networking, we also offer professional Development and consulting services. Our objective is to assist people of all ages learn, improve, and develop their skills in technology and other fields that are interest to, in order to advance their careers and expand their horizons.