We provide concentrated computer courses that are designed to be introduced to basic and intermediate computer skills. These courses improve the literacy and computer skills of individuals.

Our computer experts provide our students with hands-on experience that allows them to expand their skills and knowledge with computer systems. Our computer-related programs include, but are not limited to; networking certifications such as CCNP, CCNA certification course. Our computer networking experts have designed a six-month network certification program. This intensive course set up for our students to get their networking certification.

Individual skills are essential for future career and success options. N E E D Training programs to improve the competitiveness and performance of employees.
Our goal is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to be productive in the workplace and maintain a professional work environment.

Our career experts are there to help participants gain the skills they need for selected and well-designed adult programs. Through career and skills assessment, we have developed a unique program for adults that we believe is appropriate for each participant’s learning styles and methods. We also provide adult learners with resource advice to ensure they understand the resources available to develop their strategy and career goals. The organization needs to help newly arrived immigrants integrate into their new lives, new cultures and new communities.

Communication is vital in the era of technology, therefore, we have set up a set of languages ​​for those who are ready to expand their language skills, we have several language courses such as; English, Arabic, Spanish, Somali and French.

Download the N E E D Data Center Action Plan here:

Plan d'action pôle informatique NEED